Tips and tricks to using ender pearls

Thu Nov 3. 2022

Tips and tricks to using ender pearls

Ender Pearls are a very popular item in Minecraft. These pearls are used most often to create Eyes of Ender, or to travel far and fast.

Ender Pearls can be beneficial in many ways. They help players with their playthroughs, such as PvP. Ender pearls are a useful feature in Minecraft that many people don't know about.

What were 5 things players didn't know about Ender pearls in Minecraft?

#5 – Damage

Ender Pearls can cause serious injuries to players. Some players may not be aware of the details.

Ender Pearls can do five points of damage without armor. The damage done will be reduced if the armor is enchanted to protect or fall from Feather Falling. A player with a high enough level will not take much damage and can spam the Ender Pearls.

#4 – Physics

Ender Pearls exhibit interesting physic principles. Although the speed and direction of pearls thrown are random, they have a maximum vertical range and horizontal range.

Ender Pearls can reach a maximum horizontal range (54 blocks) when thrown at a sprint angle of 35 degrees. Ender Pearls have a maximum vertical range of 30 blocks (45 in Bedrock Edition).

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#3 – Endermites

Most players don't realize that Ender Pearls are rare and can have unwanted guests when they throw one.

Endermites can spawn with a 5% chance if a player throws an Ender Pearl. They are the smallest hostile mob and will attack the player immediately. They will however despawn within two minutes.

#2 – Enderman drop chance

Endermen often drop Ender Pearls. This is well-known. But, most players don't know that every Enderman who is killed has a 50% chance to drop one Ender Pearl.

Each level of the Looting Enchantment will result in one more pearl. The percentage remains the same.

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#1 – Bartering

Many players don't know that Ender Pearls can be obtained by trading with Piglins.