Inventory management tips

Wed Dec 14. 2022

Inventory management tips

Many Minecraft players struggle with inventory management, but it is an essential skill. Minecraft is resource-oriented but doesn't offer much inventory space.

It is up to players to make the most out of this game by managing their inventory. This is done without mods and requires you to use the in-built user interface (UI) of Minecraft. The UI is complex and may be difficult to use for beginners.

Here are five tips to help players manage their in-game inventory.

1) Dispose of stacked items

There are several ways players can place multiple items in their inventory. Right-clicking on a stack while it is still in your hand will place the whole stack into the slot. Left-clicking and holding the stack at the same time will place one item from the stack. Double-clicking a stack will allow players to grab the entire stack.

To divide items equally across multiple slots, players can drag a stack while holding down the left mouse button. You can place one item per slot by holding down the right mouse button.

2) Divide stacks in half

It can be difficult to split stacks manually. Minecraft offers a way to help. Right-clicking a stack will split it in half. By default, stacks are divided evenly in half. However, stacks will not be divided equally if there are odd numbers of items. If this happens, players will automatically take the larger half.

3) How to manage the toolbar

You can quickly change items in your toolbar by hovering the cursor over an item and pressing 1-9. Each number will move the item to a different slot on the toolbar. If an item is already in the slot on the toolbar, the items will swap slots.

4) Save a custom-made toolbar

You can save your toolbars by pressing the c+1-9 key. This is done by holding down c and pressing 1-9 simultaneously. This toolbar can be retrieved later by pressing 1-9 while holding down the c key and pressing 1-9.

Players should be aware that this shortcut can only be used in Minecraft's Creative mode.

5) Use shift + Click

You can send items to or from your toolbar by pressing the shift key, clicking on an item, and holding down the shift key. You can also use this to send items from and to blocks like chests that have their own inventory. If this is true, the item will be added to any stacks already in existence.

Double clicking on a stack and pressing shift will move it between the player's inventory, the block or hotbar. To make this shortcut work, players must ensure they have the item in their inventory.

Minecraft 1.18 will increase the size of the mountains, caves and add many new biomes and other features. To fully explore the world, players will need to learn how to manage their inventory.