Guide to locating luxury merchant in Minecraft dungeons

Mon Dec 26. 2022

Guide to locating luxury merchant in Minecraft dungeons

There are several merchants in Minecraft Dungeons. These include the Blacksmith Merchant and Luxury Merchant, Mystery Merchants, Village Merchants, Gift Wrapper, Piglin Merchants (Flames of the Nether DLC). These merchants work in a similar way to Minecraft villagers, selling different items for emeralds. The Piglin Merchant sells gold, but they all sell different items.

Because it sells rare weapons and armor, the Luxury Merchant is one the most respected merchants in the game. However, the Luxury Merchant will not automatically be found in a player's camp. Here are the steps to unlock him and locate him.

After being rescued from Cacti Canyon, the Luxury Merchant will be found in the camp. Players will find him in this level after the final wave, but before the end. You can also view your map to see the exact location.

Along with all other merchants who have been saved in Minecraft Dungeons, the Luxury Merchant will be found in the camp. They can be found below the map, which is where the training area used.

His shop will be selling rare and unique items. This will make it more expensive than other merchants. Players can either complete any mission to replenish his stock or pay him Emeralds.

The Luxury Merchant is a more formal merchant. His stall and pet ocelot will make him stand out. He is wearing an orange shirt with white sleeves, and an orange turban that has a golden base.

Luxury Merchant merchants wear brown pants with a gold buckle, and sandals with golden straps. This merchant has brown eyes and is different from other villagers. He is easy to find once he's unlocked.

In the Creeping Winter update/DLC, Minecraft Dungeons received the Luxury Merchant.