Best villager trades in Minecraft

Sat Jan 21. 2023

Best villager trades in Minecraft

Trading with villagers can give players access to a variety of resources in Minecraft. Villagers are one of the most useful mobs within Minecraft because they can trade with other players.

Trading with them can provide players with useful resources like food, enchanted books and diamond gear. The villager trading system is used by all types of players, including speedrunners.

Speedrunning requires players to run as fast as they can. Although villager trading can be a time-consuming activity for speedrunners it is possible to make some trades that could prove useful. These are the top trades that Minecraft speedrunners can make.

3) Arrows

For beating Minecraft quickly, arrows are not a necessity trade. Players can still purchase arrows to make their runs a little easier. They can quickly take out the End dimension's end crystals by using bows and arrows. Once these crystals have been destroyed, the Ender Dragon will climb up and take refuge at the exit portal.

Fletcher villages sell Minecraft arrows. A fletching table can be placed near a villager to turn them into fletchers. Two flints are all that is required to make a fletching tray. Four planks are also needed. There is no need for a Novice level fletcher to acquire arrows.

Fletcher will sell 16 arrows for 1 emerald. You can get emeralds easily by selling or looting village chests. You can trade for bows by buying arrows.

2) Ender pearls

Speedrunning players on version 1.16 and above don't need to purchase ender pearls from villager. Older versions of the game may be able to trade ender pearls.

Ender pearls are essential for beating Minecraft because they are used to craft the eyes of ender. Players cannot reach the final dimension without ender pearls.

1) A bucket of cod

A bucket is a very useful item for speedrunners in Minecraft. A bucket is essential for speedrunning Minecraft. Without it, players will not be able to quickly create a nether portal by using a lava lake. Water buckets can also be a lifesaver in case of an unexpected fall.

Speedrunners may be lucky with iron drops from iron golem, but they might not receive enough iron ingots. They can make a villager a fisherman by buying a bucket of cod. The cod can be thrown away, while the water bucket can be kept by the players.

Speedrunners avoid trading because it could waste their time. In some cases, however, trading can be a way to help speedrunners set a record.

These trades are a great way for Minecraft speedrunners to do their own favors.