Best blocks in The wild update

Fri Jan 27. 2023

Best blocks in The wild update

Mojang already has the next major update for Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part 2. Mojang shared new features in 2022 at Minecraft Live 2021 and unveiled The Wild Update.

The Wild Update, as you can see from its name is designed to improve wild Overworld biomes. Developers shared new features that will be coming to the swamps with the 1.19 update during the live stream. Other biomes could also be updated.

Minecraft 1.19 will bring a wide variety of blocks, just like every update before it. Five amazing blocks are included in The Wild Update.

5) Sculk

Developers announced at Minecraft Live 2021 that warden and deep-dark caves will be available in The Wild Update next Year. All sculk blocks are now updated to 1.19.

Wild Update will include sculks. This is a creepy block that can be generated by sculk catalysts. Sculk blocks form around a sculk catalyst if a mob is killed close to it. Mining sculk produces XP particles which can be stored in blocks.

4) Mud

The Minecraft1.19 update will make swamps more dynamic by adding mobs, trees and blocks. Players will find mud blocks in swamps near dirty rivers. Mud blocks are a grayish-colored material that is easily renewable.

A splash bottle of water can be used to transform dirt into mud. By placing mud blocks on dripstone, players can transform them into clay. Minecraft now has a source of clay that can be used again and again.

3) Mud bricks

New building blocks are always appreciated by the Minecraft community. Players will now be able to melt mud in furnaces to create a new type brick, the mud bricks.

Mud bricks are the same as stone or endstone bricks in their pattern. However, their color is deep brown.

2) Sculk shriekers

The most terrifying block in Minecraft will be the sculk shriekers. When vibrating, these blocks emit a loud shriek sound. During Minecraft Live 2021, sculk shriekers were seen in deep darkened cities.

The warden is alerted if a sculk-shrieker is activated more than once. This block can be used to create traps by players.

1) Mangrove wood

Minecraft 1.19 update adds a new type tree called mangroves. Mangroves, unlike 1.17's Azalea, will have their own wood type. Mangrove planks are a popular choice for players as they look similar to oak and jungle planks.

Mojang will release snapshots of the 1.19 update shortly after Caves & Cliffs Part 2 is released. New blocks will be one of the first features to arrive.